Completing Tasks icon

Completing Tasks

The PinPoint app Home Screen wih the My Tasks button highlighted.
The PinPoint Home Screen with the My Tasks and On Demand buttons highlighted.

Types of Tasks

You can complete two different kinds of tasks from the homescreen. 


  • My Tasks

  • On Demand Tasks

The My Tasks button.

By tapping the My Tasks button you can access tasks that have either been self-assigned (i.e. a daily checklist) or sent to you by another person (i.e. compliance training).

The On Demand button.

The other type of task is an On Demand Task that can be retrieved at the time and place of need. For example, when you are troubleshooting a broken machine and need to scan a QR code for a manual. 


Let’s explore these two kinds of tasks in more detail.

My Tasks

This is where you receive and complete these types of tasks:


  • Self-Assigned

  • Sent from another person


These tasks also have different attributes. For example, you may only need to complete a task once. Or perhaps it is a weekly, recurring task.


You will get notified of a task when:

  • Opening the app

  • Looking for a badge on the app’s home screen icon

  • Receiving a push notification that gives you the option of opening the app, accepting the task, or ignoring the task if you’re busy with something else.

A push notification from the PinPoint app informing a user that they have received a tasks titled "Combustible Materials Checklist".

To complete the tasks you work from your inbox. 

The My Tasks screen with the dashboard highlighted showing overdue, new and in progress tasks.

At the top of the inbox is a dashboard with indicators for overdue, new, and in-progress tasks. You can tap one of these to filter your inbox.

The My Tasks screen with the task list highlighted.

The main body of the inbox is where you will see the tasks you need to complete. 


The tasks themselves have a label on them if they are new, in-progress, or overdue. 

A task with a locked icon on it.

You will also notice some tasks have a locked icon on them. This means they are location-based tasks that can also unlock when they have been triggered by a PinPoint. You can tap the task and it will tell you where to go to unlock it.

An alert informing the user that a task is location-specific and can only be accessed at a specific location.

Beacons and geofences are unlocked automatically once the phone detects the signal. For QR codes, barcodes and image recognition an alert allows you to open the camera to scan. Once the task has been unlocked, the icon will change to a PinPoint icon to let you know that this task was location based. 


To complete a task simply tap on it. Once the task is complete it will disappear from your in-box. However, if you need to see it again you can tap on the filter icon and select Completed to retrieve it. 

The My Tasks dashboard with the Completed number highlighted.
The PinPoint home screen with the On Demand button highlighted.

On Demand Tasks

The other type of task you can complete is an On Demand task. This allows you to access performance support whenever and wherever you need it.


You can access these just-in-time tasks in several ways:

The On Demand buttons including Scan Code, Scan Image, Scan Location and Search Library.
  • Scan Code: This opens the camera to let you scan a QR or barcode

  • Scan Image: This too opens the camera. Aim the camera at 2d pictures that have been captured to launch a task.

  • Scan Location: Tapping this button scans your environment for any beacons or geofences that may be near you and have content attached to them.

  • Search Library: If your company has made individual pieces of content available outside of an assignment you can easily search for them.

The Task Experience

Both My Tasks and On Demand Tasks have the same end-user experience. 

Once you have tapped a task to complete it you are presented with a single piece of content or  a playlist of objects to advance through. 

A screen shot from the PinPoint microlearning course Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

It could be a single piece of media or it could be multiple objects – videos, checklists, PDFs, Office documents, etc. – depending on what the task creator built.


Use the forward and back arrows to advance through the task. 

For certain object types your completion progress is tracked and can be marked as ‘in-progress’ if it needs to be completed later.


Also, some tasks may present you with digital signatures depending on the type of assignment that your administrator has built. 

A screen requiring a digital signature.
  • It is designed to be a fast, simple experience to let you quickly complete a task and return to the job.