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Employees in a warehouse using the PinPoint app.

Learning in the Flow of Work

Intelligently Integrate Learning and Support into the Workday. 


Real world work events and locations trigger tasks.

• Barcodes
• Beacons
• GeoFences
• Images
• QR Codes

Path 1.jpg


Tasks deliver critical learning, support and information exactly when and where it is needed.

• Annotations
• Augmented Reality
• Assessments
• Checklists
• Documents
• eLearning

• Files
• Hotspots
• Images
• Surveys
• Videos
• Web Links
• YouTube

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Detailed tracking of field activities promotes accountability.

• Simplified Data
• Learner Progress
• Completion Geolocation
• Learner Confirmation
• Key Usage Metrics
• Performance Dashboard
• PDF/CSV Export

PinPoint is a Learning Experience Platform for Field Workers.

The PinPoint Admin APP:

pinpoint features:

Mobile native icon

Fully Mobile Native Experience

Provide Learning and Support Moments When and Where Needed.

For too long, learning and support has been tied to the desktop. PinPoint is designed to take every advantage mobile devices have to offer. From mobile content and assignment creation to location-aware systems to performance tracking, every aspect has been created for mobile devices.

The PinPoint Home screen.
Location-aware icon

Location-Aware Systems

PinPoint pushes learning and support to your workforce where they need it most – on the job. PinPoint is the world's first location-based mobile learning platform. By utilizing iBeacons, QR Codes, Barcodes, GeoFences and Mobile Notifications you can leverage the physical web where any object or location can be a learning or support moment. 

The PinPoint creation screen which allows users to set location-specific triggers for training and support.

Mobile Capture, Creation and Delivery

Create and Deploy Micro-Learning and Support Objects from Any Device.

Mobile capture, creation and delivery icon

PinPoint takes every advantage of mobile devices' robust media creation tools. Instantly create videos, annotated photos, interactive images, checklists, documents, and assessments. Easily share them as micro-learning – ideal for performance and decision support. 

The PinPoint app's asset creation screen.
A user completing a checklist on the PinPoint app.

Checklist, Assessment & Survey Creators

Ensure Compliance, Improve Retention and Increase Workplace Safety.

Checklist icon

Author media-rich checklists, assessments and surveys on any device for inspections, audits, task lists and workforce feedback. Customize the due dates and set rules-based scheduling for recurring events. Require digital signatures and track completion time and location to ensure compliance. 

A checklist screen on the PinPoint app.

Performance Support Library

Instantly Access Any Content in the Library.

Support Library icon

Give your employees instant access to any content you wish with the searchable Performance Support Library feature. Your organization's knowledge base can be a tap away, anywhere, anytime.

A training library list in the PinPoint app.

Assignment Builder & Detail Reporting

Create Custom Assignments and Track Completion Details.

Assignment builder and reporting icon

Combine people, groups, content and locations into an assignment. Then, share the assignments using due dates, rules-based scheduling for recurring events and the PinPoint Location-Aware Systems. Easily track completion status by individual, group and content. Rich user detail views allow filtering by assignments that are overdue, in-progress and complete. Determine if action is needed by accessing detailed information such as individual's specific responses.

The task creation screen in the PinPoint app.
A user setting a GeoFence in the PinPoint app.
Implementation services icon

Ensure success with PinPoint's implementation assistance.

Implementation Services

At every point of implementation, at any scale, PinPoint can be there to ensure seamless success. PinPoint will guide you through LMS/database integrations, assist in remote or onsite onboarding and provide location services support.

Web Management App

Integrate Your Desktop Development and File Management.

Web app icon

Some things are easier to do on a laptop or your desktop. Media editing, file management and organizational network access, for example. PinPoint has you covered with a browser-based web management app that can be accessed from any device.

User management icon

User Engagement Manager

Manage Your Employees and Teams, Anywhere at Any Time.

Your environment is a constantly shifting landscape you must navigate every day. Easily manage employees. Create and manage groups. View learning progress. From anywhere – iOS, Android and browser.

The user list in the PinPoint app.
Content creation icon

User Content Creation Suite

Empower Employees with User Generated Content.

Close the feedback loop and leverage social learning by empowering your employees to create and share their own content – videos, annotated photos, interactive images, checklists, documents, and assessments. Easily review and manage employee contributions from your mobile device. 

The user Home screen.

API and Legacy Support

Integrate Seamlessly.

API icon

You don’t work in a vacuum and neither does PinPoint. PinPoint’s integrated workflow and API serve as a hub for your existing services. From single sign-on to LMS integration, PinPoint will make your life simpler. 
Already have an existing training library? PinPoint’s webhooks can instantly turn your desktop-based training into mobile-ready content ready for the field.


The PinPoint Performance Dashboard

Track Real-Time Performance Data.

You don't want to spend your day wading through mountains of data. You want the specific information you need to make important decisions. Utilize the dashboard view to track employee performance and the effectiveness of your training.

The Reports dashboard in the PinPoint app.

The PinPoint User APP:

The PinPoint Content Experience

Content Combinations

Content Community

Mix and match any of the PinPoint content offerings to provide your employees with the perfect experience.

Instant access to an ever growing exchange of content provided by your peers around the world.

PinPoint Learning Library

Easily incorporate learning blocks engineered specifically for mobile delivery and high retention.

Content Toolbox

Use any of the PinPoint tools to create highly customizable learning in minutes.

Content Services

Add decades of content creation experience to your toolbox. 

Content Combinations

Seamlessly combine PinPoint-provided resources with your specific content to create custom playlists. Leverage all of your existing resources — videos, documents, blueprints, manuals — with newly created content and deploy in minutes.

Creating a playlist of microlearning.
User uploaded training and assets in the PinPoint library.

PinPoint Content Community

A world of content expertise is now at your fingertips. Creators can choose to publicly share their experience by contributing resources to the Content Community. You have access to all of this shared content — much of which can then be customized to meet your exact needs.

PinPoint Content Toolbox

The PinPoint "create" screen.

With PinPoint, quickly build content on your phone or tablet. Shoot a video. Snap an image. Grab a video on YouTube. Author a quiz and a checklist. The options are endless.

Content Services

PinPoint Adds decades of content creation experience to your toolbox. No matter your content goal, PinPoint can help you reuse, repurpose or create from scratch effective content.

Custom training uploaded directly into the PinPoint app.


PinPoint logo

Learning Library

Designed for Mobile  |  Powered by Micro-Learning  |  Authored by Experts

Micro-Learning is proven to drastically increase knowledge acquisition, retention and retrieval. Mobile devices allow learning to happen at the point of need. When Micro-Learning and mobile devices are combined, amazing things happen. The PinPoint Learning Library was designed by experts, from the ground up, to leverage this special combination.


PPE title screen from microlearning library.

Personal Protective Equipment

2020  |  20 Learning Blocks  |  ~45 minutes

Personal protective equipment is vital for working safely. In this course, you will learn what types of equipment to use to prevent injuries.


  • HEAD PROTECTION (3 blocks)


  • CLOTHING (2 blocks)

  • HAND PROTECTION (3 blocks)

  • FOOTWEAR (2 blocks)

recently Added

Hearing Conservation title screen from the microlearning course.

Hearing Conservation

2020  |  12 Learning Blocks  |  ~35 minutes

Defensive Driving title screen from the microlearning course.

Defensive Driving

2020  |  22 Learning Blocks  |  ~45 minutes

Bloodborne Pathogens title screen from the microlearning course.

Bloodborne Pathogens

2020  |  10 Learning Blocks  |  ~30 minutes

Available Now

Back Safety

Control of Hazardous Energy

Electrical Safety


Ergonomics with Self Audit

Fall Protection

Fires and Extinguishers

Forklift Safety Checks



First Responder 

Laboratory Safety


Permit-required Confined Spaces  Respiratory Protection

Safe Forklift Operation

Safety Orientation

Transporting Hazardous Materials Understanding Forklifts   


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