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TASK Creation & Management

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Creating Tasks

As an administrator or manager, PinPoint lets you build two different kinds of tasks:


  • My Assignments have been either self-assigned or sent to you by others.

  • On Demand assignments can be retrieved at the point of need.

Advanced Settings When Creating Tasks

While it is simple and fast to build a task that combines assets, people, and pinpoints there are several features in the ‘advanced settings’ area that enable you to add more flexibility and data collection to tasks. The workflow is the same to build either a regular assignment or an on demand task but there are some slight differences in the advanced settings.

Task Meta-Data

  • Completion Location: Capture the GPS coordinates of where a task is completed.

The Track Completion Location switch.
  • Signature Required: Add a digital signature to the end of a task.

The Signature Required switch.

Email Reminders (Regular Assignments Only)

  • Send email when overdue: This switch sends an email to the recipients of an assignment when it has not been completed by the due date. They will continue to receive emails until the assignment is completed. 

The Send Assignee E-mail When Overdue switch.
  • Send email reports: This is a report for the administrator. You will get a daily email until all of the recipients of the assignment reach 100% completion or the assignment hits its end date. You can see the names of the people who have not yet completed the assignment.

The Send E-mail Reports switch.

Recurring Assignments (Regular Assignments Only)

  • This feature automatically creates a recurring assignment. You can set the frequency of the recurring assignment (i.e. daily, weekly), as well as when you want the assignment to stop recurring. 

The Recurring Frequency and Recur Until switches.



For example, you could create a weekly recurring assignment for someone that lasts until the end of the calendar year. Each week - at the time you set for the assignment to be created - the end-user would receive a push notification reminding them there is an assignment to be completed. Each recurring assignment has its own status and completion records attached to it. 

Task Management

It’s easy to see the completion records for every assignment. Tap on the ‘All Tasks’ button. At the top of this view is a dashboard you can select if you wish to filter your assignments. But to drill into individual results simply tap on an individual task.

task detail.jpg

When you do that you will see a summary of the task that you have built. If you want to know who completed what and when simply tap on ‘‘view task completion’. It will show you the entire completion history for the task. 

view task completion.png

The CSV feature enables you - from within the app - to export a file into other corporate reporting systems.

The Export CSV Report button.
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