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Trust the frontline to instantly report incidents, observations, hazards, events, and more from their smartphones.

Reporting issues helps an organization learn and improve. Issues can also be turned into actions. Create an action and assign tasks to address any opportunities for improvement. 

Instantly report incidents, observations,
hazards, events and more

Incidents and Actions.jpg

Issues can be turned into Actions

Capturing incidents and actions gives the frontline visibility into what is happening in the field, enables them to track work trends over time, and allows them to collaborate on solutions. 


  • Document critical issues like photos, videos, and location

  • Push notifications make your team instantly aware

  • Set due dates and priorities

  • Assign responsibilities to individuals or groups

  • Each action has a chat where timelines, photos, and conversations are available 

  • Filter, sort, and track to uncover insights and trends

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Find out how PinPoint Solutions can work for you.

Up to 10 People

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