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Augmented reality creates a mixed reality that overlays the real world when viewed through the smartphone.

The hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets that can support AR will have a long-term impact on corporate safety, operations, and training.


Provide step-by-step instructions

Overlay 3D models or animations in
the real world

Access experts with collaboration tools

With each release of a device or OS update new features are available to advance these use cases:

  • Training - Overlay 3D models or animations in the real world to help onboard new employees, reduce errors, or teach new concepts and skills. 

  • Work Instruction - Provide step-by-step instructions to increase productivity and improve safety and compliance. 

  • AR & Remote Expert - Use AR collaboration tools that allow an expert to troubleshoot or diagnose problems and walk a technician through a process to address the problems.


  • Create simple work instructions with an AR overlay

  • Treat 3D models as another content type that can sit alongside videos, PDFs, and interactive objects on the mobile device

  • Add a 3D model to your instructional playlist by uploading, sizing, and placing in-app

  • Ask PinPoint to build a custom AR experience

Find out how PinPoint Solutions can work for you.

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