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By moving paper forms to the smartphone, the frontline can access policies and procedures when they are on the job. 

Leverage existing safety, training, or operational documents or build forms and content that encourage participation at safety meetings or toolbox talks.

Access policies and procedures on the job

Policies and Procedures.jpg

Leverage existing safety, training and
operational documents

PinPoint lets managers easily send training assignments; enables end users to pull learning on-demand; and delivers knowledge precisely when and where it is needed on the job. PinPoint is the modern way to create and consume safety training content.


  • Make use of existing resources like PDFs or Office files

  • Build custom forms

  • Assign policies

  • Request confirmation

  • Document and share any hazards or observations

  • Utilize location services like geofencing to wrap policies around a jobsite

Find out how PinPoint Solutions can work for you.

Up to 10 People

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