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An end user using the PinPoint app.


Connect your frontline to a learning experience platform. PinPoint's  mobile app delivers learning precisely when and where it is needed in the workplace. 

The PinPoint app's home screen.

the future of mobile 
learning is a tap away

learning in the flow of work

A user creating, assigning and tracking microlearning with their mobile device.
A user using the PinPoint app's GPS features to receive learning and support on their moblie device at precise locations where it is needed.
A user using the PinPoint app's augmented reality feature in the workplace.
A user seamlessly using the PinPoint app for training and support exactly when she needs it during her workday.

A web page only gets you so far. Tap into the power of a mobile native app.

Location-Aware Systems icon
Fully Mobile Native icon
Mobile Capture, Creation and Delivery icon.
Checklist, Assessment, and survey creators icon.
Performance Support Library icon.
User Engagement Manager icon.
Assignment Builder and Detail Reporting icon
User Content Creation Suite icon.
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Reporting incon

Move beyond regular microlearning. Move to precision microlearning.

The LMS is for back office tracking.

PinPoint is for the frontline user experience.

  • Create mobile content on the fly

  • Deploy to people and locations from the smartphone

  • Complete as training or performance support 

  • Use the power of the smartphone's sensors to align learning with the flow of work 

Mobile training. on location.

A manufacturing floor illustrating the various ways the PinPoint app can be used in the flow of work.

the power of mobile:

PinPoint zones push training to users precisely when and where it is needed 
ibeacons QR codes
iBeacons QR codes geofences
  • Forklift operators receive daily maintenance checklists

  • Medical workers receive a PDF diagram showing how to properly dispose of medical waste

  • Retail employees watch product information videos

  • Training updates quickly delivered to specific nursing stations


0 – 70 meters

iBeacon, QR Code, Barcode

  • Employees sent hotspot images illustrating fire escape routes in a newly remodeled building

  • Construction workers complete assessments ensuring proper understanding of new equipment at the site

  • The safety Director sends out an infographic illustrating a new OSHA regulation affecting the entire plant

  • New employees targeted with custom onboarding videos

local AREA

200 – 500 meters


illustration_large area.png
  • Assignments sent to mobile sales reps informing them about location specific sales strategies

  • Hotspot image map of area identifying inspection locations sent to utility workers

  • Safety Inspector receives a document outlining local regulations as they enter the area

Large AREA

500 – 1000 meters



why pinpoint?

microlearning      |       mobile native        |       user experience
  • Empower your frontline workforce

  • Move field training beyond the classroom to the people, places and equipment where it is needed

  • Engage your people to increase their skills and operating performance

  • Fits in your employee's workflow

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