PinPoint asks you to grant permission to locations, bluetooth, and notifications. The reason we do this is so we can deliver tasks to you while you’re in the real world. For example:


  • We send you a push notification when there is a new task for you to complete.

  • You may have an assignment that unlocks when you enter a geographic location. 

  • You could receive a task when you are near a physical Bluetooth iBeacon.


All of these features require you to enable certain permissions. We do not collect your data to sell. We are only:


  • Delivering knowledge and information to end-users who need to complete a location-specific task.

  • Tracking managerial compliance for when and where a task is completed.


When you first install the app you are asked if you want to grant these permissions. If you want to change these permissions at any time, you can go to the settings button that takes you to this screen.


There are three different permissions on initial launch for the maximum app experience:


  1. Notifications

  2. Location Services

  3. Bluetooth


Granting the notifications permission enables us to send you push notifications when you have a new task to complete. 


For example, a manager has assigned a recurring task to complete once a week. If you grant notifications permission you will receive a notification reminding you of the task. If you missed the notification at that time you will see a badge on the app icon reminding you of a task.


This is what a notification will look like from us.


Location Services

We ask you to grant the location services permission for several reasons:


  • If you are an end-user we use location services - such as geofences or ibeacons - to deliver tasks to you when you are on the go. For example, when you enter the location of a new job site.

  • Your company administrator may want to track completion statistics. In this instance it would be the GPS coordinates for where a checklist was completed for compliance purposes. 


If you want to learn more about geofences and location services, click here.


Apple has a two step process to grant location access. 


When the app is initially launched you are provided with the following options:

  • Don't Allow: This turns off location services for the app. Selecting never means you can not detect geofences or beacons to receive tasks based on your location. Nor can completion records be documented.

  • Allow Once: Each time the app is launched it will ask you for permission to use the location services.

  • Allow While Using the App: The same functionality as ‘always’ below but you will only receive tasks when using the app. When the app is in the background you will not receive any location-based assignments.

The second step in the process happens later. When the app is in the background Apple’s iOS will give you an alert box with the option to enable ‘always’ for location services. 

  • Always: This selection enables you to receive tasks based on your location from geofences and beacons seamlessly, even when the PinPoint app is in the background. It is the ideal experience for receiving tasks whether you are in the app or not.

    In iOS 13 if the app is set to ‘always’ allow access to your location, then you will periodically see an alert with a little map that shows your location alongside an explanation of why the app needs your location. Apple enabled this tracking to stop a number of other apps from overreaching to mine your data or sell targeted ads, neither of which PinPoint does. We are constantly working to limit your location information and we will not give this information to anyone. It is only to deliver tasks. 



Selecting this permission enables the ‘indoor GPS’ capabilities of Apple’s iBeacons. Your company might choose to use these physical devices to deliver tasks based on your proximity to the device. These beacons are based on the Bluetooth standard. You can click here to learn more about beacons.