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Safety, Performance Support

& EHS Solutions at your fingertips


You're at a work site and notice lockout tagout procedures aren't being followed. Quickly record a video with the proper process. Attach a brief assessment at the end. Deploy the assignment to team members. All in minutes.

The procedures have changed for your forklift operators. You place a beacon in the forklift pool and it pushes notifications to users when they get within range.

Your new construction site presents new hazards. You create a customized assignment that blends existing PPE content with site specific hazard training and then send it directly to users’ mobile devices.

Field Services

You quickly scan a barcode on a piece of equipment and PinPoint launches a video on how to conduct weekly maintenance procedures.

You enable the field services technicians and engineers to search the library which allows them access to the PDF maintenance manual for a piece of equipment from their phones and tablets.

Coming Soon — You use an interactive augmented reality (AR) overlay to troubleshoot equipment.


By implementing smartphone checklists instead of paper-based, you significantly improve quality and daily operations. 

By setting geofence triggers, your team automatically receives safety data sheets – requiring acknowledgement – when they enter specific work zones. 

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