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Partner with us to create a microlearning library for industrial workers

Why partner?

Who can partner?

What are we looking for?

  • Put your content and expertise to work earning more revenue


  • Build your brand

  • Increase the value you bring to customers by taking your content away from the desktop and to the job site

  • Open up new channels to generate business and deepen existing relationships

  • Work with experienced corporate learning professionals

  • Content publishers - Expand the reach of your mobile-friendly, microlearning courses and assets

  • Subject matter experts - Do you have deep subject matter expertise? Whether you have existing assets or not we can help you turn your knowledge into revenue


  • EHS software companies - Integrate with PinPoint assets to increase revenues and the value of your platform in a mobile world

  • Microlearning objects: We are most interested in content assets that work well on mobile and for performance support. Short videos, eLearning courses, PDFs, Microsoft Office, etc. Think about what you use most frequently on your smartphone today. We can help you adapt your assets to the PinPoint platform experience.

  • Topics that make the industrial workforce smarter and safer: From compliance topics (OSHA, HR, EHS) to skills training (quality, electrical & mechanical systems, engineering & robotics) and product training we are looking for content that front-line workers can tap into at the moment of need.  

How does it work?

  • The PinPoint content community contains all of the microlearning assets. Clients can mix-and-match their content with assets from the community to create personalized ‘playlists’.


  • Like Spotify and other subscription-based businesses you get paid when your assets are used by clients in their training or performance support.

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