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Our team can connect your workforce to the future.

Whether PinPoint's standard features meet all of your needs or you benefit from a working partnership with our team, we will help you achieve your goals.   



Needs Analysis: Tailored assessment of your specific requirements.

• Use Cases Development: Crafting practical scenarios for optimal app use.

• Training: Training programs to ensure your team gets the most from our solutions.

• Deployment Assistance: Support during the implementation phase.


• Content and Media: Creating engaging content such as videos, eLearning materials, and templates.

• Content Repurposing: Updating and repurposing existing content for a fresh approach.


• PinPoints Implementation: Enhance productivity, safety, training, and more through location-based integration.

• Productivity Enhancements: Maximizing efficiency by integrating PinPoints.


• API Integration: Leverage our APIs for seamless interaction with our solutions. 

• System Integration: Connect your existing systems, including CMMS, ERP, and LMS, for a unified workflow.

• Authentication Solutions: Implement secure access and authentication methods.


• Usage Measurement: Analyze how your team uses our solutions to make data-driven decisions.

• Impact Assessment: Evaluate the impact of our services on productivity and engagement.


Examples of custom forms, interactive guides and media developed by the PinPoint Services Team in partnership with a client.

Asset 1-80.jpg

Use Case: Initial Meeting for Workforce Modernization

Scenario: In your first meeting with the PinPoint team, your organization explains the need to boost efficiency and safety within your workforce through the idea of a connected worker. PinPoint's Solution: PinPoint's team will initiate a practical conversation, delving into your organization's specific goals and challenges. We will discuss the potential advantages of adopting a connected worker approach, such as safety improvements, more efficient training, and increased productivity. Our experts will listen closely to your organization's needs and explain how our services can help achieve workforce modernization in a straightforward way. Outcome: By the end of the meeting, your organization will have a clear plan for using the PinPoint app to reach your workforce modernization objectives. PinPoint's guidance will provide a practical path to efficiency and productivity, paving the way for a successful shift towards a connected workforce.

Asset 4-80.jpg

Use Case: Customized Asset Creation for PinPoint App Integration

Scenario: In your pursuit to enhance your workforce using the PinPoint app, your organization recognizes the need for various assets, including media content, eLearning modules, and inspection forms. Unsure whether to start from scratch or utilize existing materials, you turn to PinPoint for guidance. PinPoint's Solution: With over two decades of experience, PinPoint's team will meet with your organization to understand your needs. Leveraging our expertise, we will offer a tailored solution, crafting engaging media content, eLearning materials, and inspection forms designed to fit perfectly within the PinPoint app's ecosystem. Outcome: By the end of the process, your organization will receive a suite of assets optimized for use within the PinPoint app. Whether building from scratch or incorporating existing resources, our expertly created assets will be aligned with your vision for workforce enhancement, harnessing the full potential of the PinPoint app.

Asset 5-80.jpg

Use Case: Optimizing Productivity with Location-Based Opportunities

Scenario: In your quest to streamline workforce productivity, your organization reaches out to PinPoint for guidance. You seek to harness the power of location-based opportunities to improve training, communication, and task management within your facilities. The challenge is to determine the optimal placement of geofences, beacons, and QR codes to trigger the PinPoint app's features effectively. PinPoint's Solution: PinPoint's team will conduct a site analysis, meeting with your organization to assess your facilities. During this consultation, we will identify key locations where the deployment of geofences, beacons, and QR codes can trigger the PinPoint app's various features. These devices will enable the seamless delivery of critical communications, tasks, media, documents, and forms, ensuring that relevant information and resources are available to your workforce precisely when and where they are needed. Outcome: Through the strategic placement of location-aware devices, your organization will experience a significant boost in workforce productivity. The PinPoint app's features will be seamlessly triggered, delivering important information and resources precisely where and when they are required. This optimization of location-based opportunities will allow your organization to streamline training, enhance communication, and improve task management, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Asset 6-80.jpg

Use Case: Seamless Integration for Streamlined Workflows

Scenario: Your organization, equipped with established reporting, tracking, and HR management systems, recognizes the potential of the PinPoint app. You reach out to PinPoint with the goal of integrating the app into your existing infrastructure to create a unified and efficient workflow. PinPoint's Solution: PinPoint's team will undertake the task of system integration. Working closely with your organization, we will analyze your existing systems and identify the key touchpoints for integration. Leveraging APIs and custom hooks, we will facilitate a smooth connection between the PinPoint app and your reporting, tracking, and HR management systems. This integration will allow your organization to harness the full potential of the PinPoint app while still utilizing your familiar reporting, tracking, and HR management tools. The flow of data and communication will improve efficiency and streamline your workforce management processes. Outcome: With the successful integration of the PinPoint app with your existing systems, your organization will achieve a cohesive and efficient workflow. This will enable you to use the app's features while maintaining the functionality of your existing systems. The result will be improved workforce productivity, data accuracy, and streamlined management processes, ultimately leading to a more efficient and productive organization.

Asset 7-80.jpg

Use Case: Informed Decision-Making with Custom Analytics Integration

Scenario: Your company would like to integrate the PinPoint app's data with your existing data warehouse for customized analytics. This initiative requires the development of custom functionality within the PinPoint app. PinPoint's Solution: PinPoint's team will work closely with your organization to understand your specific analytics requirements. We will recognize the importance of integrating data from the PinPoint app with your data warehouse to generate insightful reports and analytics. Custom functionality within the app will be developed to allow data integration and analysis. This integration will enable your organization to access real-time data, create custom reports, and gain valuable insights for informed management decisions. Outcome: With custom analytics integration, your organization will gain the ability to make data-driven management decisions by combining data from the PinPoint app with your data warehouse. The development of custom functionality within the app will allow you to access real-time data, generate customized reports, and uncover valuable insights. This empowerment will enable your organization to make more informed, strategic decisions, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

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