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The Connected Workforce

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Whether industrial, health care, retail, or any company with workers who don’t sit behind a desk there is push underway to get more connected technologies into their hands. Companies have figured out the productivity gains they have seen with their white collar workforce extend to those whose jobs are mobile.

While simple tasks have been moving from paper to digital for some time, what is happening now - thanks to the cloud and mobile apps - is a merging of functions. Whether training, communication, task completion, or troubleshooting, these workflows are coming together in an increasingly automated and data-driven workplace.

Driving these changes are new technologies. Smartphones and tablets today; AR headsets, wearables, IOT, AI and voice interfaces tomorrow.

PinPoint sees tasks and information originating from connected workers in the following ways:

An illustration showing how a field worker is connected via his mobile device and the PinPoint app.

The result is a more dynamic workplace with increasingly skilled teams working with more complex technologies. Simpler work is being automated and people are being asked to solve more problems and find more ways to increase quality. This innovation isn’t happening from the top-down. Rather, it comes from engaging your frontline and giving them the data and tools to make good decisions.


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