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Case Study: Field Technicians

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

An environmental sciences company needed to train field technicians how to spray its disinfectant. Working with our custom services partner, EdgePoint, we developed a solution that consists of:

  • An online certification program for technicians and sales representatives

  • A field support app for training, performance support, and task completion

We created a two-hour course to certify partners in the proper application of the disinfectant. These were responsive microlearning objects optimized for mobile devices that would be used in the field. They feature engaging videos and process demonstrations.

A microlearning course in the PinPoint app.

Introduction to 'How to Apply' Microlearning Course.

These microlearning videos can be used as both a traditional online course, as well as part of a performance support library that includes tools such as safety data sheets, quick reference guides, templates, manuals, and FAQs.

These technicians go onsite to businesses, schools, restaurants, airlines, and public transportation to spray their disinfectant. How the disinfectant was applied is critical to its effectiveness so the app provided a just-in-time gateway to training, performance support, and task completion for frontline technicians in the field.

Microlearning guides in the PinPoint app.

On-demand performance support.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Mobile LMS for the delivery of online courses to technicians and sales reps

  • Troubleshooting with a performance support library of assets

  • Digitized cleaning logs

  • A tool to capture how much product was sprayed and calculate how much should be sprayed

  • Complete instructions and checklists

  • Access to a library of trusted tools and resources including videos, quick reference guides, and a tool to search and filter by facility, role or need

  • The ability to assign cleaning tasks by location (QR code and Geofence)

  • Tools that enable partners to easily add their own video and other media to create a customized experience for their own verticals

Augmented Reality and Mobile Checklist in the PinPoint app.

Augmented reality training and location-based QR code checklists.


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