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Image Recognition & Microlearning

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The gateway to augmented reality and AI

OSHA labels being recognized by a mobile device's camera in the PinPoint app.

One of our primary areas of focus has been the delivery of knowledge precisely when and where it is needed. Our ‘pinpoints’ bring a job site or factory floor alive through beacons, geofences, or QR codes.

Now we are introducing image recognition to increase the speed and accuracy of delivering performance support. With 2D image recognition you can instantly recognize photos whether a safety poster on a wall or a piece of equipment.

In this example a ladder is identified and a ladder safety video is launched. The set-up process is simple. Take a photo of what you want recognized and attach it to an on-demand task. Perfect for on-the-job compliance.

Image recognition has broad applications in field services, safety and training. Here is where we see things going:

  • Object recognition - Move beyond recognizing only 2d images to also identifying 3d objects like a piece of equipment from any angle.

  • Augmented Reality - The next step beyond image and object recognition is the creation of a worldview that lets you display work instructions or 3d training animations for a piece of equipment. This could also be used for engaging a remote expert to help you work on a problem.

  • Machine Learning and Image Classification - Combining AI with image recognition holds potential in multiple ways. Training these algorithms to recognize images can eliminate the need to set-up what photo you want recognized. The camera will just recognize and distinguish whatever is on the job site -- ladders, vests, helmets, forklifts, etc. Imagine another field services scenario when a technician is working on a broken piece of equipment. The camera or headset can automatically identify the broken part and re-order based on the image and the associated part number.

This technology is in its early days and has broad implications to use cases within the connected enterprise. Start exploring applications today.


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